Byron Coathup is a local artist and graphic designer living and working in Coolangatta. Queensland.  Having spent most of his artistic life studying and working here -  Byron is active in the Gold Coast creative community. He enjoys working on projects to help further build culture and place.  He is a co-owner and curator of, Maverick Hair and Art Space, where he facilitates art exhibitions, happenings and opportunities for local & interstate artists.  

As a multi-disciplined artist he enjoys self-initiating his own projects and developing his ideas so that they might function in real life, long term or temporal.  Byron is particularly interested in the cross over between art, design, business and architecture where he enjoys blurring the lines.  His belief that art should be an integral part of our everyday life is the key to his conceptual projects.  His work is exhibited in a combination of arena's - online, in galleries and the outdoors.  He often collaborates with other artists and cultural agents to further the conceptual frameworks of his ideas.

Byron is currently researching and making artwork, in conjunction with the Gold Coast City 'Generate' program, for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  Follow his latest project, Super Souvenir, here.